Redefining Firmware Security

I was fortunate to be asked by the CEO of Axiado, Gopi Sirineni to co-author a paper called Redefining Firmware Security.

Securing Blockchain - Intro

I was recently pinged on a LinkedIn thread regarding best practices for blockchain security.

Secure Memory Encryption Testing

Earlier this year, I presented at the Linux Security Summit on how we’ve implemented secure memory encryption within our AMD EPYC edge machines.

Anchoring Trust

New blog post on some of the hardware security features my team has been working on regarding moving trust anchors to silicon.

LatinX and Cyber Security

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ray Espinoza of cobalt.

Creating a Serverless Blog with Cloudflare and Hugo

I hate having to rebuild stuff. I’ve rebuilt this blog a total of 4 times, with 3 of those time related to bad application/server updates.

Linux Security Summit 2020

I presented last week with my co-worker Brian at the Linux Security Summit on Securing Memory at Scale.

Google Next '19'

My co-presentation from Google Next ‘19 on Migrating DDOS Controls to Google Cloud:

Kubernetes on an Intel NUC

With the recent rise of microservices, there has been a lot of documentation on Kubernetes and how to build it on various cloud platforms (AWS, GCE, etc).

Docker Cheat Sheet

First, my apologies for not updating in a while. For those who follow my Github site you’ll see that I have been updating that more frequently than my blog.