RSA 2023 Conference

I was honored to present at this year’s RSA Conference on Key Distribution, a topic that everyone will be looking into in the near future.

Armed to Boot: an enhancement to Arm's Secure Boot chain

We began the process of cryptographically signing our UEFI firmware as a way to mitigate rogue firmware. 2022 - Armed to Boot

We’ve learned a lot about UEFI vulnerabilities over the last few years.

GSA 2022 Silicon Leadership Summit

I was again honored to be on a panel of distinguished leaders in the silicon security field at the GSA 2022 Silicon Leadership Summit.

CAPEC User Summit - Hardware Security

I was honored to be on a panel of hardware security experts, presenting at the CAPEC User Summit.

Redefining Firmware Security

I was fortunate to be asked by the CEO of Axiado, Gopi Sirineni to co-author a paper called Redefining Firmware Security.

Secure Memory Encryption Testing

Earlier this year, I presented at the Linux Security Summit on how we’ve implemented secure memory encryption within our AMD EPYC edge machines.

Anchoring Trust

New blog post on some of the hardware security features my team has been working on regarding moving trust anchors to silicon.

LatinX and Cyber Security

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ray Espinoza of cobalt.

Creating a Serverless Blog with Cloudflare and Hugo

I hate having to rebuild stuff. I’ve rebuilt this blog a total of 4 times, with 3 of those time related to bad application/server updates.